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Supporting individuals in creating fulfilling and meaningful lives

Meet Mariaan Jacklin

Mariaan is passionate about mental health, vocational rehabilitation and group therapy.

She completed her Pg.Dip in Vocational Rehabilitation in 2014, and is experienced in functional capacity evaluations and case management.

Mariaan enjoys individual therapeutic work, and performs sensory assessments, functional and cognitive screenings, and work, school and home visits.

Registrations & Organizations

HPCSA: OT0085006
BHF:  0628352


BOccTher (Pret) 2012
DipVocRehab (Pret) 2014

Meet Amy Bührmann

Amy is an experienced occupational therapist with a keen interest in mental health and substance abuse.

She obtained her Pg.Dip in Addiction Care in 2022 and compassionately supports her clients whilst implementing a pragmatic approach to recovery.

Amy performs sensory assessments, functional and cognitive screenings, and is trained in the ACLS.

Registrations & Organizations

HPCSA: OT0069043
BHF: 0990876


BScOccTher (UCT) 2006
DipAddictCare (US) 2022


We use a compassion based, client-centred approach, and prefer to work experientially, which allows us to practically address problems that affect a client’s ability to function at work, school, home or in social situations. We present therapy in either individual sessions or group therapy sessions, depending on what would be most effective for the client.

We use the following evidence-based approaches in our work:

Compassion based Mindfulness Approaches

Compassion based Mindfulness Approaches

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

The Model of Creative Abilit​y

Vocational Rehabilitation

We also conduct Functional Capacity Evaluations for incapacity investigations and insurance claims. We provide case management services to employers and wellness organizations, make recommendations on adaptations to improve work functioning, and develop and implement return to work plans and work hardening programmes.

Sensory Assessment and Screening

Our therapists are trained Sensory Intelligence® Practitioners.  Contact us to complete your Sensory Matrix™ with a trained occupational therapist to assist you in understanding how your brain reacts and relates to the physical environment around you, and the effect thereof on your emotional wellbeing


Individual Therapy

Provided to clients who, due to health or psychosocial challenges, need practical support…

Group Therapy

An effective treatment method to reduce isolation, and instil hope through the sharing of experiences…

Case Management

Involves the development of a structured and goal directed return to work plan…

Functional Capacity Evaluations

Aims to establish whether a person is able to perform their own, or alternative occupation…

Work and Ergonomic Assessments

Assist employers to understand and address factors in the work place that may be affecting productivity…

Talks and Workshops

Offering an interactive platform for attendees to receive information on various topics…


If you would like to inquire about any of the services offered, or would like to make an appointment, please contact us on the details listed below.

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