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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is provided to clients who, due to health or psychosocial challenges, need practical support in creating meaning and fulfilment in their career, interpersonal relationships, relationship with themselves or their activities of daily living. Therapy is goal directed, individualised treatment which aims to understand the client as a whole person, equipping them with skills to find balance and build a life worth living.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is an effective treatment method to reduce isolation, and instil hope through the sharing of experiences with peers who may have had similar life experiences. It provides a safe social space to share with others and experientially learn coping mechanisms to deal with interpersonal challenges and emotional difficulties. Groups can vary in size and composition, and the aims include improving self-awareness, facilitating altruism and learning interpersonally from one another.

Case Management

Case management involves the development of a structured and goal directed return to work plan, with the aim of reducing absenteeism, managing health and wellness and improving workability. The therapist liaises with the employer to collaboratively manage health in the work place. Through reintegration at work, the employee is exposed to real-life work situations, whilst the therapist provides ongoing support and serves as a resource to the employee throughout the process.

Functional Capacity Evaluations

A Functional Capacity Evaluation aims to establish whether a person is able to perform their own, or alternative occupation. It is an in-depth assessment of a person’s physical, cognitive, contextual and psychosocial factors impacting their occupational functioning. It assesses work specific skills such as work speed and quality of work, using job specific assessment tasks. It includes objective, standardised assessments as well as conclusions drawn from clinical reasoning. The assessment report provides information on a person’s prognosis, capacity to perform work, reasonable accommodations that may help the person function better at work, and recommends intervention that may improve function and work skills.

Work and Ergonomic Assessments

Assessments of work environments assist employers to understand and address factors in the work place that may be affecting productivity and employee wellness. These factors may be physical, environmental, interpersonal and psychosocial. It entails a work visit by the therapist, who conducts a comprehensive assessment of the work environment, and includes discussions with employers regarding the resources available. The employer receives a detailed report with recommendations to address factors that may be impacting their workers.

Talks and Workshops

Talks and Workshops offer an interactive platform for attendees to receive information on various topics including health management, stress management, mental health awareness and de-stigmatisation. They can be presented in various settings including corporate events and workshops, universities and colleges, as well as schools and small business environments. The events can also be presented as team building exercises, where the therapist facilitates various activities aimed at boosting morale and improving interpersonal awareness within a team or organization.


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